Employers, Start Offering The Latest Salary Sacrifice Benefit

Help your employees get the best financial advice, at the lowest possible cost

What Happens After You Register?


We'll send material you can use to announce the scheme. Employees with advisers can then request a voucher. For others, we can help them find the right adviser.


Your employee agrees to salary sacrifice and requests a voucher. We check their financial adviser is appropriately authorised, and that your employee has either paid advice fees, or committed to pay them.


You approve the request, transfer funds to us, and deduct salary. We then pay the funds to your employee (if they have paid for advice) or their adviser (if they are due to pay).

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About Us

Pension Advice Vouchers come from VouchedFor.co.uk, the UK's leading reviews website for financial and legal professionals.  We’ve already helped over 100,000 people find a great financial adviser.

Now we’re on a mission to help employers make it easy - and more affordable - for their employees to get brilliant financial advice. Whether your employee has complex needs requiring a top-rated local Financial Adviser, or they would like a FREE financial planning session from one of the financial coaches at Hatch, we make it easy and more tax efficient to find the best solution.