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How will we choose an adviser?

1. Existing Advisers - of your employer or colleagues

Where we know of an adviser who already works with your employer and/or colleagues, we'll first contact them to see how they can help, and put you in touch if suitable.

If for any reason you need a different adviser, through VouchedFor we have access to thousands of well-vetted Financial Advisers across the UK.

2. Financial Coaching with Hatch

This option is suitable to those under 55, with up to £100,000 total savings, investments and pensions.

Hatch makes Financial Planning and Coaching accessible and affordable, using technology to keep the cost to as little as £169/year for basic rate taxpayers (net of tax savings). Hatch offers a free financial planning session to all Pension Advice Voucher users.

3. Guidance Bodies

In some circumstances, bodies such as The Pension Advice Service, Money Advice Service, Citizens Advice or Step Change can be the best choice. We will let you know if one of these is your best option.


Once you have received advice through any route, you can claim your pension advice vouchers.

About Us

Pension Advice Vouchers come from, the UK's leading reviews website for financial and legal professionals.  We’ve already helped over 100,000 people find a great financial adviser.

Now we’re on a mission to help employers make it easy - and more affordable - for their employees to get brilliant financial advice. Whether your employee has complex needs requiring a top-rated local Financial Adviser, or they would like a FREE financial plan from one of the financial coaches at Hatch, we make it easy and more tax efficient to find the best solution.

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