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Receive £500 p.a. to cover the cost of pension advice, by sacrificing just:

£340 if you earn £13,000

£290 if you earn £51,000

£190 if you earn £101,000

after £125,500, sacrifice £290; after £150,500 sacrifice £265

On November 16th 2017 a new Act was passed, allowing employers to reimburse employees (up to £500 p.a.) for any costs incurred, or due to incur,  in receiving advice or guidance related to their pension.

The government have introduced this as a non-taxable benefit, knowing it's vital that people seek professional financial advice on their future retirement.

Of course, few employers can afford to simply give their staff an extra £500, so they'll usually ask that they deduct the same amount from your salary. 

That means you're giving up salary, which would have incurred tax and national insurance, in return for an employer reimbursement (to cover the cost of the pension advice), on which no tax or national insurance is payable.

How it works


Employee agrees to sacrifice up to £500 salary - which would have been TAXED*


We confirm with adviser that employee has paid for pension advice, or is committed to

(or we can help the employee find an adviser if needed)


Employer approves request and transfers funds via Pension Advice Vouchers - this is NOT TAXABLE*

* employees sacrifice salary would have incurred income tax and national insurance, whereas the pension advice voucher incurs neither.

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