Pension Advice Vouchers - Employee Launch Email

The following email template guides employees on how to make use of Pension Advice Vouchers.

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Dear Employee,

I’m pleased to let you know that we have a new benefit available to all employees!

Pension Advice Vouchers allows you to save up to £310 on the cost of pension-related advice.

Already paid for financial advice this tax year?

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Claim your voucher - for the amount you spent on advice, capped at £500
  2. Your Financial Adviser will be invited to verify the request
  3. We will then deduct the confirmed amount from your salary (this will also reduce the tax and national insurance that you pay - generating the saving)
  4. Pension Advice Vouchers will then request your bank details and pay you the full voucher value - tax free!

By doing this, you could save anywhere from £160 to £310 (on a £500 claim) - click the link above for more details.

Interested in seeking financial advice? lists lots of financial advisers across the UK, with thousands of ratings and reviews from their clients. For help finding the right adviser, search their directory or call them on 0203 111 0583.

If you have any questions about Pension Advice Vouchers, please email

Kind regards,