Pension Advice Vouchers - Post Launch Email

The following email template guides employees on how to make use of Pension Advice Vouchers.

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Subject: Reminder - Save on the cost of financial advice

Hi Team,

We recently launched a new employee benefit to help you save on the cost of financial advice: Pension Advice Vouchers.

If you’ve paid for financial advice already since April 2019 you can request a Pension Advice Voucher now. This will allow you to receive a reimbursement of up to £310.

If you haven’t paid for financial advice already, you can request a free consultation with a local, top rated financial adviser. If you choose to go ahead with paying for advice, you’ll then be able to request to save tax on up to £500 of that cost.

Whatever your current financial goals or circumstances are, an adviser can help you plan for the long term and ensure you’re doing all the best things with your money. 

If you have any questions about getting financial advice, or about how the Pension Advice Vouchers scheme works, please visit their website or email them at

Best wishes,

[Your Name]