Pension Advice Vouchers - Reminder Email

The following email template guides employees on how to make use of Pension Advice Vouchers.

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subject: reminder - claim your advice voucher!

Dear Team

A quick reminder that we offer Pension Advice Vouchers, allowing you to save tax on up to £500 of pension related financial advice, every year.

It has been great to see so many of you engaging with your financial future so far, to benefit from tax savings this year make sure you claim before April!

Here’s what some employees who’ve sought financial advice for the first time through the Pension Advice Vouchers scheme had to say:

“I've been thinking about sorting my finances out and realising some long-held goals for a while now, and hooking up with  [my adviser] was a great experience. For someone who doesn't really understand the ins and outs of financial planning or jargon, [my adviser] was friendly, extremely helpful and has already put in place an achievable plan to work from. I wish I had met him 10 years ago!”

“Very friendly and easy to get on with. Fills me with confidence with regards to finances which is something I normally put my head in the sand about.”

If you feel like you may benefit from speaking to an expert about your finances, give the VouchedFor team a call on 0203 111 0583 to request a free consultation.

Kind regards

[Your Name]