Received financial advice? Claim Up To £260 In Seconds!

Under new legislation, you can now be reimbursed for up to £500 p.a. of financial advice fees. This reimbursement comes tax-free from your employer, in return for you sacrificing salary (that would have been taxed). So, you can save up to £260 p.a. in tax and national insurance!

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About Pension Advice Reimbursement

On November 16th 2017 a new Act was passed, allowing employers to reimburse employees for any costs incurred in receiving advice or guidance related to their pension, up to £500 p.a. 

The government have introduced this as a non-taxable benefit, knowing it's more important than ever that people seek professional financial advice on their future retirement.

Of course, few employers can afford to simply give their staff an extra £500, so they'll usually ask that they deduct the same amount from your salary. 

That means you're giving up salary, which would have been taxed, in return for a voucher you can cash in (to cover the cost of the pension advice), on which no tax is payable.